Father Donovan

Priest of the Morninglord


Father Donovan is a priest of the Morninglord in the village of Barovia. His son Doru was convinced by a mysterious wizard to march on Castle Ravenloft to take on Strahd approximately a year ago. Doru returned to his father turned into a vampire spawn. The priest imprisoned Doru in the church’s undercroft until the party met him. They convinced him that Doru would be better off destroyed. Donovan agreed and allowed the party to kill the vampire spawn.

Afterward, he presided over the burial services of the burgomaster Kolyan Indirovich. He confided secretly in the party that Ireena was not his biological daughter; in fact, Donovan found her wandering in the woods alone as a child and Kolyan adopted her as his own.

Father Donovan

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