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  • Dark Days

    Upon returning from the [[Wizard of Wines]] winery, the party found [[:ismark-kolyanovich|Ismark]] dying near his sister [[:ireena-kolyana|Ireena]], who was in the clutches of [[:strahd-von-zarovich|Strahd]] himself. A battle ensued, and while it …

  • Item Quests

    After struggling with [[:strahd-von-zarovich | Strahd]] himself and the druids and berserkers at [[Yester Hill]], the party decided to seek out some of the assistance promised in [[:madam-eva | Madam Eva]]'s fortunetelling. Having located their …

  • Wine and Amber

    What follows is a brief outline; full summary to come later.

    • Awoke in Berez, traveled in company of two trappers until crossing forest to road between Yester Hill and winery.
    • Fought Wintersplinter on the road …

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    Ordinul Scrisori


    After receiving a mysterious letter, five adventurers venture into a demiplane of death where a sixth join their ranks and reveals their letter is a ruse; he has discovered the real letter which in …