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  • Dark Days

    Upon returning from the [[Wizard of Wines]] winery, the party found [[:ismark-kolyanovich|Ismark]] dying near his sister [[:ireena-kolyana|Ireena]], who was in the clutches of [[:strahd-von-zarovich|Strahd]] himself. A battle ensued, and while it …

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    Ordinul Scrisori


    After receiving a mysterious letter, five adventurers venture into a demiplane of death where a sixth join their ranks and reveals their letter is a ruse; he has discovered the real letter which in …

  • dream pastries

    Dream pastries are confectioneries created by a woman who lives in a windmill south of [[Vallaki]]. They put the consumer into a trance state wherein they dream of a much better world than the reality of [[Barovia]].

  • Vistani

    The Vistani (singular: Vistana) are a group of gypsy people from [[Barovia]]. It is believed that they work as spies for Strahd.

    Castle Ravenloft

    Castle Ravenloft is the home of Strahd von Zarovich and is the location from which he rules over the valley of [[Barovia]].

    Blue Water Inn

    The Blue Water Inn is located in [[Vallaki]] and owned by Urwin and Danika Martikov. They have shown sympathy to the party in the past, shielding Alessandro, Lucius, Ismark, Ireena, and Lucian from Strahd when the latter came looking for Ireena in …

  • Wizard of Wines

    Apparently the only winery in [[Barovia]], shipments from here are currently overdue.

    The proprietor is [[:davian-martikov|Davian Martikov]], an apparent relation of the owners of the [[Blue Water Inn]] in [[Vallaki]]. At his behest, the …

  • Krezk

    The party heard of this location from [[:father-donovan | Father Donovan]]. It is a heavily-fortified town at the west end of [[Barovia]] valley. [[:ismark-kolyanovich | Ismark]] wanted to hide [[:ireena-kolyana | Ireena]] away at this …

  • Gulthias Staff

    The Gulthias staff was a black quarterstaff formed from the branch of a guthias tree. It was wielded by an evil druid attempting to destroy the [[Wizard of Wines]] winery in [[Barovia]]. The staff was destroyed by [[:khagon | Khagon]] to destroy all of …

  • Yester Hill

    Yester Hill was the site of a druidic ritual centered around a large wooden statue of Strahd. The party's first attempt to disrupt the ritual and destroy the statue ended in defeat, and they fell back to [[Krezk]].

  • Berez

    Berez was apparently a village in [[Barovia]] but is now merely ruins. One of the magic gems from the [[Wizard of Wines]] winery is apparently in the possession of a hag who makes her home in these ruins.

  • Strahd von Zarovich

    Strahd is a vampire and lord of Barovia. He lives in [[Castle Ravenloft]] and has an obsession with [[:ireena-kolyana | Ireena Kolyana]] of the village, whom he has recently captured. Many Barovians refer to him as "the devil Strahd" and believe he has …

  • Ireena Kolyana

    Ireena believes she is the daughter of Kolyan Indirovich and brother to Ismark Kolyanovich. Father Donovan revealed to the party that she is actually adopted, having been found wandering in the woods alone as a young child. Strahd has shown interest in …

  • Ismark Kolyanovich

    Ismark is the son of the deceased burgomaster of the village of Barovia. He died while trying to protect his sister [[:ireena-kolyana | Ireena Kolyana]] from [[:strahd-von-zarovich | Strahd]] near the [[Wizard of Wines | Wizard of Wines]] winery.

  • Father Donovan

    Father Donovan is a priest of the Morninglord in the village of Barovia. His son Doru was convinced by a mysterious wizard to march on Castle Ravenloft to take on [[:strahd-von-zarovich | Strahd]] approximately a year ago. Doru returned to his father …

  • Madam Eva

    Madam Eva is a [[Vistani | Vistana]] who has the power of foresight. She knew the party members each by name and performed a [[card reading | card reading]] for them, providing clues to the locations of three important items and an ally for their fight …

  • Rictavio

    Rictavio is a colorfully-dressed half-elf bard who has been seen at the [[Blue Water Inn | Blue Water Inn]]. He has a carnival wagon at [[Arasek Stockyard]], in which he has locked a sabre-toothed tiger which he has apparently been training to hunt [[ …

  • Lucian

    Lucian was discovered in the back of a woman's cart filled with [[dream pastries | dream pastries]]. The party rescued him and chased the woman off. He revealed he had been traded to the woman in exchange for some of the pastries. He did not wish to …