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  • Blue Water Inn

    The Blue Water Inn is located in [[Vallaki]] and owned by Urwin and Danika Martikov. They have shown sympathy to the party in the past, shielding Alessandro, Lucius, Ismark, Ireena, and Lucian from Strahd when the latter came looking for Ireena in …

  • Wizard of Wines

    Apparently the only winery in [[Barovia]], shipments from here are currently overdue.

    The proprietor is [[:davian-martikov|Davian Martikov]], an apparent relation of the owners of the [[Blue Water Inn]] in [[Vallaki]]. At his behest, the …

  • Krezk

    The party heard of this location from [[:father-donovan | Father Donovan]]. It is a heavily-fortified town at the west end of [[Barovia]] valley. [[:ismark-kolyanovich | Ismark]] wanted to hide [[:ireena-kolyana | Ireena]] away at this …

  • Yester Hill

    Yester Hill was the site of a druidic ritual centered around a large wooden statue of Strahd. The party's first attempt to disrupt the ritual and destroy the statue ended in defeat, and they fell back to [[Krezk]].

  • Berez

    Berez was apparently a village in [[Barovia]] but is now merely ruins. One of the magic gems from the [[Wizard of Wines]] winery is apparently in the possession of a hag who makes her home in these ruins.

  • Tsolenka Pass

    The Tsolenka Pass was a gravel road that hugs Mount Ghakis, climbing to great heights. It started at the Raven River crossroads and traveled seven miles to a gatehouse and guard tower as well as a stone bridge that spanned the [[Luna River]]. The …

  • Luna River

    The Luna River flowed from the west end of the valley of [[Barovia]] into a lake of the same name, then continued north-northeast from there to empty into [[Lake Zarovich]] near [[Vallaki]].

    The [[Tsolenka Pass]] featured a stone bridge which …